The Frigid

The Frigid is a 10K looped course that is nestled into the heart of Ohio. The no nonsense event promises to be a trial of withstanding the unpredictable January weather in Ohio. Hosted from a private farm in the Central Ohio area, this event provides several unique features, including Papa Hord (Owner of the farm) and country roads surrounded by the remnants of the past Fall’s harvest. Be aware that the winter YETI has been known to show up at this farm on a still winter day. Pick your distance on the 10K loop, and enjoy the day.

You can either run this event as an individual, or you can run it with friends, in a relay style. The relay will be for any looped event, with more than 2 loops. 

Giving back is what we pride ourselves in, and therefore a part of the registration will be dedicated to giving back to the community. The Frigid, will be collecting a new blanket from every registered person that will then be donated to the local Interchurch Services of Knox County.

As part of the GRIT Trail Series and theWhite Tail Ultra Trail Series, this race will accumulate points, based on the division and distance selected. (Points System)

NOTE: All registered participants will be required to bring a NEW blanket, to event check in. This blanket will be donated to for those in need of blankets during the cold of winter.

Schedule of Events

Saturday (1/29/22) 

  • Individual:
    • GRIT: Sprint (10K), Step-Up (20K), Enduro (30K & 40K)
    • White Tail Ultra 50K
  • Relay Team: 30K (Team of 2), 40K (Team of 3), 50K (Team of 4)



Event Format


January 29, 2022

Start Time

Individual – 8:00 AM start time

Relay – 9:00 AM start time

The 10K loop that will wind through the 42 acre Last Straw Farm in Mt. Vernon, Ohio as well as several backcountry dirt and gravel roads (The Wood Splitter Solstice Loop will be partly incorporated for this event)


9 Hour for ALL events

If you are subjected to not completing the 5 loops, you will be required to ring the bell! (Avoid the chopping block!) It’s all in good fun!!!

SWAG and Awards

Timed event, Finishers Band (Add to your collection), Series Specific Band, Custom mug, Optional Series Shirt (Based on Distance running)




Welcome, and free




Relays will consist of 1 less participant, than laps the signed up for distance is, with a minimum of 3 loops.

30K (2 person team)

40K (3 Person team)

50K (4 Person team)

Relay Format: Each participant will run 1 loop on their own, and then all participants will run the last loop together.

The race will be kicked off by the traditional ATV leading the way for the first loop, to ensure the leaders do not get lost.

Course Details

Course Type


Loop Length

10Kish (Those satellites beaming from outer space to the watch on your wrist or phone in your pocket are only so accurate.)

Interactive Course Preview


Aid Station
There will be a single aid station, at the loop begin/end. It will have the traditional fare, but I highly encourage you to bring your own, as it’s going to be a long day.
Hot Chicken and/or Beef Broth
Hot Water
Electrolyte drink
Other yummy stuff
Other hot yummy stuff
Did someone say whiskey?


Parking will be ON SITE, and you will have access to your vehicle each loop to refuel, resupply and change clothes as necessary (This could change, not likely but could, depending on the weather, so bring a drop bag just in case)




Event Address
8672 Camp Road
Mt. Vernon, OH 43050

Course (10K loop): Course Preview

There are a plethora of Hotels in both Mt. Vernon, Ohio and at Exit 131 off I-71 (Sunbury, Ohio). It all depends on where you are coming from.

Cell Coverage
There is plenty! Verizon works very well, T-Mobile is good enough and AT&T I am not sure about