Greenswell Events is a professional organization that provides event management services, timing and equipment for triathlon, trail races, running, and multisport events in Ohio and surrounding states.  We specialize in being a turnkey event manager who can provide the services and equipment to organize your event. We pride ourselves in our consistency, and reliability, our personal touch, and our use of the latest timing technology to ensure accurate and quickly-posted results, both at the event, online and through our event website.

Event Management & Race Timing Services

With over 20 years’ experience as a race director and over 30 years as an active triathlete and runner, we are in a unique position to understand the race director’s needs and wants but also bring the viewpoint of an athlete to your event to create the optimal experience.  We aim to provide accurate, timely, and professional results in all sports and utilize the most advanced hardware and software available. We also strive to provide experience, additional services, and equipment to make our race directors’ jobs easier and add a level of professionalism to their events.

Standard services included in all events:

  • Live results to the web
  • Instant display of results on flat-screen monitors we provide
  • Reusable and disposable timing chips
  • Pre-race data processing
  • Results display by event, gender, or age group
  • On-site internet connection
  • Results posted to our website on race day
  • Printed results for awards ceremony
  • PA System for finish line music, race announcements and award ceremony
  • We provide our own tents, generators, tables and chairs


Additional Services and Equipment

Race Announcer Information

We provide an iPad or laptop connected to the timing mat so you can welcome your athletes at the finish line. We can also display ‘announcer data’ on this screen for your race announcers which will make the finish personal for all your athletes.

Starting Line

We can collect a chip start time for all your athletes as opposed to a ‘gun time’ which gives everyone has the same start time.

Inflatable Arch

Need an inflatable arch to spruce up your finish line? We got your covered! We have multiple finish arches which span 15 feet and 25 feet. The 15 foot wide arch can be customized with your own race banners/logos so you can have an arch which is branded for your race and your sponsors. The top banner area is 10 feet wide by 4 feet tall and side banners can be 30 inches wide by 60 inches tall. The inflatable arch creates an exciting atmosphere at the finish line. Athletes and spectators enjoy getting pictures with the finish arch.


Need a split time at the halfway point, a ‘cheat check’, or additional split times? We can provide all of that information. Providing a split time can decrease the concerns about people following the course correctly. We can set it up as a halfway point, a ‘cheat check’, or additional split times. Racers often enjoy being able to check their pace and see their progress.

Race Equipment

We have a variety of equipment that can make your race complete and run smoothly. Vertical flags, tents, tables, cones, PA systems, bike racks, digital display clocks, water jugs, race numbers, swim caps, we have it! Just let us know what you need for your race and we will make it happen.

Equipment list

  • iPod with playlist
  • PA Systems (powered) with microphone and cables to play music
  • Inflatable finish arches
  • Generators
  • Sign-a-cades accepting signs 24’ x 36”
  • GPS to measure course or measuring wheel
  • American flag and national anthem (iPod & iPhone)
  • Tables 6ft & 8ft
  • Tents 10×10
  • Bike racks (6-8 per rack) up to 3,000 participants
  • Transition area banners (Run In, Run Out, Bike In, Bike Out)
  • Swimming buoys 4.5 feet tall in orange, yellow, and green
  • Swim buoy anchors 30+
  • Kayaks and paddles
  • Finish line/split digital display clocks
  • Water Jugs 5 and 10 gallons
  • Finish line fencing up to 100 feet
  • Yellow Safety vests and Safety flags
  • Caution tape, zip ties, and rope
  • Stanchions for queuing up to 80 feet

If you are interested in learning more about how we take your event to the next level, contact us today.

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