Frigid 50K

Trail Runs and Rucking
January 29, 2022|Hord Farm - Mt Vernon, Ohio

The Frigid 50K is a 10K looped course that is nestled into the heart of Ohio. Bringing in the new year, the Frigid 50K kicks off the Greenswell – White Tail Ultra Series. The no nonsense event promises to be a trial of withstanding the unpredictable January weather in Ohio. Hosted on a private farm in the Central Ohio area, this event provides several unique features, including Papa Hord (Owner of the farm). Be aware that the winter YETI has been known to show up at this farm on a still winter day.

As with all the Wood Splitter events, this one will have a part of the registration be dedicated to giving back to the community. The Frigid 50K, will be collecting a new blanket from every registered person that will then be donated to the local Interchurch Services of Knox County.

For more event details and registration, visit Frigid 50K