TriColumbus Swim.Bike.Run. Winter Challenge

February 14, 2019|Anywhere

The 2019 Winter Challenge is for everyone. Regardless of ability, skill level, experience, athletes like you from around Central Ohio are invited to the challenge over a five-week period beginning February 14.

What is the Challenge?

Each Thursday over a 5-week period a swim, bike, run + challenge will be posted. Athletes will have until the following Monday to complete the challenge and send in their results.

How long does the Challenge run?

For five weeks beginning Thursday February 14 – Monday, March 18.

Is there a cost to participate?

There is no cost to participate but athletes must register.

How does scoring work?

Results will be posted and leaderboard updated after each week. Points awarded are based on your overall score relative to the rest of the athletes’ performance in your division. Each weekly challenge maybe different relative to results. A challenge maybe based on overall time, laps, distance, repetitions, etc. Each will be different and prevent a unique challenge for each athlete.

Athletes will not be required to submit proof of their performance. This is integrity-based scoring.

What are divisions?

There are four overall event divisions – Masters (age 40 -59), Grand Master (ages 60 + older) Elite (experienced athletes) and Fit (new or novice to the sport).

Within each division, there will be male and female categories, and broken out into the following scoring brackets:

  • 19 & Under 20 – 29                     30 – 39                      40 – 49                        50 – 59         60 – 69             70 – 79            80+
  • Clydesdale (over 225 lbs) Athena (over 165 lbs)

Athletes when they register, will select their division (Master, Grand Master, Elite, or Fit) and scoring bracket. Gender will automatically default.

Are there prizes for Overall Awards?

No. This is a fun challenge meant to provide extra motivation to your swim, bike, run workouts and also as an introduction to the sport of triathlon.

What is an example of a Weekly Challenge?

After properly warming up for each discipline:

For Overall Time:

  • Swim:     5 x 50 meters, record fastest 50-meter swim interval
  • Bike:      3 miles (indoor – Level 4-6, outdoor/bike trainer Small Chain Ring ) – for overall time
  • Run/Walk:     1 mile, for overall time
  • Challenge:    30 pushups, 15 air squats, & 5x:45 sec planks w/:15 sec rest between, for overall time

Overall Time for all four activities is recorded and submitted.

Where should results be sent?

Results should be sent to – please put Name and Challenge number in subject line.

Results will be posted to the TriColumbus facebook page and to the website.