Erin Go Braugh


The Erin Go Braugh Trail Scramble, part of the GRIT Trail Series, will challenge you, both mentally and physically. We want our participants to push their own boundaries at our events and in turn become stronger in their everyday life.

Join us at Alum Creek, for a festive spring run, where it will most likely be a perfect Irish day in Ohio (cloudy, rainy, damp, brisk). On the Alum Creek multi-use trails, you will get the opportunity to search for leprechauns and pots of gold! As part of the GRIT series, there will be Sprint, Step-Up, Enduro and Relay distances.

About the Erin Go Braugh Trail Scramble
The Erin Go Braugh Trail Runs are based on the history of the Irish and their ability to endure and conquer whatever nature put in front of them. The Irish were known to be strong, tough and adventurous people that shared a great sense of family and kinship. These are exactly the elements behind the Erin Go Braugh Trail Runs- you will be challenged, your limits of mental and physical abilities tested so that you will become stronger not only as a runner but in your daily life. Once you are completed with your trail run, celebrate with your fellow Irish for post-race shenanigans.



Schedule of Events:

Saturday, March 12

  • Individual: Sprint (6K, 9K), Step-Up (12K, 18K), Enduro (24K)
  • Relay: 24K (Team of 2)




Event Format


March 12, 2022

Start Time

8:30 AM start time

Course Description

The course at Alum Creek State Park is a moderately rolling, multi-purpose trail that runs alongside and features a gorgeous view of Alum Creek. The race is composed of a multiple-distance looped course with trail runners.


3.5 Hour for ALL events (12:00 PM)

Course access from the Lap pass through at the Start/Finish line will be closed 11:30 AM.

SWAG and Awards

Timed event, Finishers Band (Add to your collection), GRIT Trail Series Band (If you don’t already have one), Custom finishers medal, Optional Green GRIT Series Shirt


**Actual Pint Glass and shirts might be slightly different due to Supply Chain constraints**


Spectators welcome, and free



Course Details

Course Type

Looped sections

Loop Lengths

Each distance will run the same course, and turn around at their distance turnaround point (Those satellites beaming from outer space to the watch on your wrist or phone in your pocket are only so accurate.)

Interactive Course Preview

***Courses are being finalized and are subject to change based on conditions and access***

Aid Station
There will be a single aid station, at the Start/Finish line. It will have simple fare, and it is highly encouraged that you to bring your own.

  • Water
  • Electrolyte Supplement
  • Light Snack


Parking will be ON SITE, and you will have access to your vehicle each loop to refuel, resupply and change clothes as necessary.





Event Address
Alum Creek State Park Hiking Trail, Africa Rd, Galena, OH 43021

Cell Coverage
Service is good for most carriers!