Wood Splitter Winter Solstice

Wood Winter Splitter Solstice

“Take a Sunday drive in the country; on your feet; on a Saturday”

Welcome to the Wood Splitter Solstice Series! On 12/18/2021, put your body, mind and spirit to the test, and run as many 1.5 mile loops as possible, from Sunrise to Sunset. Take on the challenge, and welcome in the Winter season in Ohio.

The event will loop the 42 acre “Last Straw” farm in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and along the way you will experience wooded trails and a farm that provides one of the best landscape views in Central Ohio.

As the course is designed it will be a loop that will be run as many times as possible, from sunrise to sunset (or 4 hrs). With that, you can choose to run half the day or the entire day, depending on your personal goals.

For the top runners of each day there will be overall prizes for the top 3 men and women, and for the series.

Pricing will stay consistent, so once you are ready to take on the challenge, we will be waiting!

Fundraise: The event will be raising funds for the For Those Who Would non-profit organization. If you are looking for an event to put your fundraising skills into action, this would be a great one!

NOTE: This event now has a virtual option
Where is the event – Mt. Vernon, Ohio and virtual (Your road or trail segment, track or treadmill)
When can you run it virtually? – From the day you sign up, until 12/19/21 (Giving an extra day)!
Are there any guidelines to running the event: The Virtual event is a timed event, so you can run up to 9 hours. (UP TO: This means you don’t necessarily have to complete the overall time, as this is a day for you to push and reach new distances and times, personally. This is a challenge, and it is going to hurt!)
How do I report my results virtually? – Emailing outsidersservices@gmail.com with final results (snapshot or link to tracked event), to receive finishers gear
What happens after I send my results – After we receive results, we will assess and tally them. We will then send out not only participation medals and SWAG.
WHY this event?: Fundraise: The event will be raising funds for the For Those Who Would non-profit organization. If you are looking for an event to put your fundraising skills into action, this would be a great one!

EXTRA NOTE: Virtual runners will be primarily running for self achievement and donation to the Non-Profit. Virtual runners will not be eligible for awards, since the event will also be taking place, on-site.

Schedule of Events

Saturday (12/18/21) 

  • Individual: 9 Hours or 4 Hours


Event Format


December 18, 2021

Start Time

  • 9 Hours (7:50 AM – 5:09 PM)
  • 4 Hours (8:00 AM – 12:00 PM)

The 1.5 mile loop will wind through the 42 acre Last Straw Farm in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. It is approximately 50% in the woods on trails, and 50% in an open field.

Course Details

Course Type

Trail and Field Loop

Loop Length

1.5 mile loop (Those satellites beaming from outer space to the watch on your wrist or phone in your pocket are only so accurate.)

Aid Station

There will be a single aid station, at the loop begin/end. It will have the traditional fare, but I highly encourage you to bring your own, as it’s going to be a long day.
Hot Chicken and/or Beef Broth
Hot Water
Electrolyte drink
Other yummy stuff
Other hot yummy stuff
Did someone say whiskey?



Parking will be ON SITE, and you will have access to your vehicle each loop to refuel, resupply and change clothes as necessary (This could change, not likely but could, depending on the weather, so bring a drop bag just in case)




Event Address
8672 Camp Road
Mt. Vernon, OH 43050

There are a plethora of Hotels in both Mt. Vernon, Ohio and at Exit 131 off I-71 (Sunbury, Ohio). It all depends on where you are coming from.

Cell Coverage
There is plenty! Verizon works very well, T-Mobile is good enough and AT&T I am not sure about

Where is the race?
Mt. Vernon, Ohio

What does the race cost?
Winter Solstice full events $80 per runner (4 Hour events $50 per runner)

Can I do just one of the races?

Can I do both Winter and Summer races?

What is the runner swag for the race?
Neck Gaiter, Sweat Towel, Finishers Medallion, Buckle for runners that complete a 50K or further

What do I need to bring vs. what is supplied?
As a runner, you should come prepared for most of your day. There will be 1 aid station at the Start/Finish line with the normal Ultra Fare. (Chips, Pop, Cookies, Pretzels, Pickles, etc.)

Water will also be supplied.

Can I bring a tent, or something else for shelter and privacy?