Flannel 50

With Deer Creek as the hidden gem in the central Ohio area, and working together with the park, we have identified over 25 miles of untapped trails that are under utilized for hiking and trail running. With a vast number of bridal trails, acting as gateways to narrower and more rugged trails, this event will have you finding your rhythm just in time to break it by ducking off into a narrower windy path. The Flannel 50 and Marathon is sure to become a fall classic with trail runners looking to put a great cap on their season, while running through the fall colors in central Ohio.

The overall course will boast a 25 mile loop and will offer up some amazing views with over 1,000 ft of gain per loop. Beginning and ending at the Deer Creek Beach, you will get the opportunity to experience Deer Creek, and everything it has to offer, in one great day of trail running.

Giving back is what we pride ourselves in, and therefore a part of the registration will be dedicated to giving back to the community. The Flannel 50, will be collecting a new flannel shirt (of any size) from every registered person that will then be donated to the local donation facility.

As part of the White Tail Ultra Trail Series, this race will accumulate points, based on the division and distance selected. (Points System)

Schedule of Events:

Saturday (9/24/22) 

  • Individual: Marathon, 50 Miler



Event Format


September 24, 2022

Start Time

50 Miler – 6:00 AM start time

Marathon – 7:00 AM start time

Course Description

Beginning at the Deer Creek Beach, the 25 mile loop course that will run from the beach towards the Crownover Damn, and up Deer Creek Rd before ducking off onto the Bridal Trails, and the rest of the Deer Creek trail system. Moving Clockwise around the park, there will be 2 sections of the trails with one high five section, bridging you between the two trail sections! Once you have completed the total loop in the trails, you will get back on Deer Creek Rd and head back to the beach to finish or begin your second loop.


50 Miler – 14 Hours  (8:00 PM)

Marathon – 13 Hours (8:00 PM)

Course access from the Lap pass through at the Start/Finish line will be closed 12:00 PM.


Spectators welcome, and free



Course Details

Course Type


Loop Lengths

Marathon(ish) (Those satellites beaming from outer space to the watch on your wrist or phone in your pocket are only so accurate.)

Interactive Course Preview

***Courses are being finalized and are subject to change based on conditions and access***

***Courses are subject to change based on conditions and access***

Aid Station
There will be a single aid station, at the loop begin/end. It will have simple fare, and it is highly encouraged that you to bring your own.

  • Water
  • Electrolyte Supplement
  • Sweet Snacks
  • Salty Snacks
  • Coke

Aid Station Mile Markers (approx.)

0.0 Miles – Beach
6.5 Miles – Campground
11.5 Miles – Lodge
26 Miles – Beach
32.5 Miles – Campground
37.5 Miles – Lodge
50 Miles – Beach


Parking will be ON SITE, and you will have access to your vehicle each loop to refuel, resupply and change clothes as necessary.



Event Address
22300 State Park Road 20, Mt Sterling, OH 43143

There are accommodations in the Deer Creek Lodge, as well as the Deer Creek Campground. Additional lodging can be found in Mt. Sterling, Ohio.

Cell Coverage
Service is spotty for most carriers, so bring your power blocks!