GRIT Trail Series

The GRIT Trail series is a trail running series that will encompass three divisions: Sprint (5K-10K), Step-Up (11K-20K), Enduro (21K-Full Marathon). The divisions within the series will be scored per event, per finish and all who participate will be working towards a series finisher goal. Not only the quickest, will take home top prizes, but anyone who finishes the series will be acknowledged for the grand accomplishment. There will be seven unique events, with one at night, all at different venues in Ohio. Greenswell is working to bring the most diversity in event locations, and the unique experience each venue has to offer across Ohio.

Be prepared for some gnarly trails on terrain that you may not have even known existed in the great state of Ohio. From winding meadows to vertical climbs, the GRIT Trail series will have something for everyone and each event will be its own adventure.


GRIT Trail Series Points System


Event Schedule

1/29/22 (Saturday) – Frigid 50K (10K-50K) – Hord Family Farm, Mt. Vernon, OH

3/19/22 (Saturday) – Erin Go Braugh Trail Scramble – Alum Creek State Park, Galena, OH 

4/23/22 (Saturday) – Darby Creek Trail Scramble – Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park, Galloway, OH

6/11/22 (Saturday) – Deer Creek Trail Scramble – Deer Creek State Park, Mt. Sterling, OH

7/16/22 (Saturday) – Queen City Trail Scramble – Caesar Creek State Park, Waynesville, OH

8/12/22 (Friday Night) – Red Moon Trail Scramble – Alum Creek State Park, Galena, OH

9/10/22 (Saturday) – Portage Lake Trail Scramble – Portage Lakes State Parks, Akron, OH

10/1/22 (Saturday) – Der Wolfsrudel Lauf – South – Alum Creek State Park, Galena, OH

10/30/22 (Sunday) – Der Wolfsrudel Lauf – North – Delaware State Park, Delaware, OH